Embracing Change

Dear  fellow bloggers, family and friends,

Thank you for sharing My Daily Creative for over a year. I have thoroughly enjoyed the blogging process and have loved meeting new friends, who have inspired, encouraged and shared the daily creative experience.

Today, I am embracing change by transitioning from daily creative blogging to focusing on screenwriting, acting and developing Cartwheel Productions. I look forward to continuing to be inspired by all of you.

Thank you, again, for your creative spirit.

-Sarah Poynter


Foodie Friday: My Fish Tacos

So, on May 24th, I posted about some amazing fish tacos. Well, today I made my own. They were almost as good, but next time I will definitely use cabbage instead of lettuce. The recipe for mango salsa was amazing! I highly recommend it.


Guest Post: Relax and Chill

My sister, Gretchen Kielas, provides us with a guest post today. Thank you, Sis, for always inspiring!



Made with Paper.

Monkey Sitting in a Tree

The original photo of this is so cute. It’s in National Geographic, February 2011 by Cyril Ruoso. Here’s my version.

final Monkey

Made With Paper.

Monkey Two

Here’s the second draft of yesterday’s drawing.

mokey 2

Made With Paper.

Original photograph by Cyril Ruoso in National Geographic.

Ghost Monkey

This is the first draft of a picture I’m drawing of a photo I found in The National Geographic (February 2011 issue). The original photo is by Cyril Ruoso.

ghost monkey

Made With Paper.

Foodie Friday: Fish Tacos

These are the best fish tacos I have ever met. Someone told us about the Coconut Fish Cafe in Kihei, Maui… I’m going to try to recreate these now that I’m home. I’ll keep you posted;)


Guest Post: Mr. B Photography

Another beautiful photo of Maui from my Mr. B.


Aloha Maui

Until we meet again…


Guest Post: Mr. B

Mr. B took this photo of me and Lil C in Maui. He edited the photo with S Paper.


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