Day Four

Here is a photo collage from a day at the beach. I used Animation Desk to create the layers. My husband took the photo of the bird, and he is in the rest of them.


Day Three


Day Two


A Picture Book for Lil C

It’s family vacation time to the big city, if San Diego counts as a big city. We live in the mountains, so anytime we get to use public transportation and see people picking up after their dog, it counts as a big city. To celebrate our trip, I am going to make a picture book for Lil C.
Day One


I used IPad Paper for this sketch.

Shadow Rabbit

“It was amazing that a play that seems dated in this world… A man whose best friend is a six-foot white rabbit… But it caught on, especially with young people – they surprised me most of all.”
James “Jimmy”  Stewart

I work with young people, and I have a young person by my side on most days. Everyday I witness the uninhibited imagination that I remember as the magic of childhood.  So, today Lil C and I saw a rabbit in the backyard. He was cute and fluffy, and we named him Harvey. We hope to see him again soon.


“If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected.”
CHIEF SEATTLE OF THE SUWAMISH TRIBE, letter to President Franklin Pierce

I have seen this animal stroll through our backyard on more than one occasion. It is an awesome and humbling experience, one that will never be ordinary.

This photo is from an article in our local paper, The Sierra Sun, about this bear that jumped off a 100-foot bridge, got trapped underneath, and was eventually rescued. I bet Chief Seattle would have been impressed by man and beast on this day. I know I was.

Article by By Andrew Cristancho of The Sierra Sun.

Foodie Friday: Curry Dish

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a genius in the  “cooking” department, but I’m beginning to earn my kitchen these days. Part of the reason was because my husband thought of having family dinner every week with my sister and her husband, and the deal is to make something we’ve never made before.  This was a challenge for a couple who survived mainly on burritos, pizza and cereal. So, a year later, here we are feasting on a tofu curry dish that we made with a recipe  from our neighbor, Dava, who is a genius in the kitchen.


1 onion finely chopped

4 large garlic cloves finely chopped

Saute onions and garlic and add curry powder, some cumin, corriander and tumeric (add to taste)

1 box of veggie broth and bring to a boil

Return to simmer (add more spices if needed)

1 box of tofu – dried off and cut in cubes

3-4 small potatoes

4-5 carrots

Cook until veggies are soft ( 2 hrs)


Serve on rice and add any of the following: chopped raw cashews, cucumber, tomatoes, coconut, bananas, yogurt, chutney

Enjoy! Serves 4 – 6.


Today’s daily creative almost didn’t make it to the blog, but now I’m glad I didn’t toss it out the window. I’m sure part of my frustration came from the fact that I was using old headshots; most actors have stacks of unused, out-of-date headshots that collect dust and are reminders of auditions and jobs you didn’t get and people you didn’t meet. So, here is my attempt to turn past disappointments into something new and possibly kind of cool. I cut my black and white (that’s how antiquated they are) headshots into squares to create this collage of a deer: an animal I am delighted to see in our backyard.


I have yet to see a porcupine in our backyard, but I know they exist because one evening our dogs made the mistake of discovering one. Oops and ouch!  Here is my tribute to the porcupine.  May we forever avoid each other in the backyard.

I used bark and pine needles to create the porcupine, but you may have to squint to see it.


The coyote is another animal that shares our backyard. I used a red crayon for this sketch.

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