I just found this watercolor that I did eons ago. The original photo was from a National Geographic article that I have long since misplaced. Anyone recognize this photo? So, I thought of two things when I dug this picture out from under our bed. First, this is how I feel when I find a mistake in a post after it has already been uploaded, ouch! Thank you to my stepmom for catching most of my mistakes before they are out there too long! Second, had I continued painting as I did long ago, I actually might have improved my skills quite a bit: ouch! Alas, I am so thankful for the blog community and my followers for encouraging all things creative.



About Outdoorsies

Welcome to Outdoorsies. We are sisters who have always loved the outdoors. Our blog will highlight outdoors sports, events, findings, photographs, kids activities, clothing and gear and all things relating to the beautiful world outside the window. Let your kid out!

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