Foodie Friday: Veggie Box

I haven’t made anything with the veggies yet, but they just looked so pretty.



Reblog: Inspirational Mosaic

This is such an inspiring way to decorate a wall and truly a mosaic masterpiece. Thank you to All Good Things!

All Good Things

I made this mosaic on a wall of my living room. Since I cannot alter the paint in this rented apartment, I stuck paper with packing tape. It will be easy to remove once we move out. (though I won’t have a heart to).

First I colored sheets of paper with different textures. (You can use any colored or magazine paper as well). Cut them in shapes of squares, rectangles and triangles. Pasted each cut paper to the wall with tape, to make an outline of the each character.Once I had an outline in place, I filled in the gaps with more paper!

This took me around 60 hours spanned over a month, to finish.

And this is what it looks like.

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Rabbit Felt

I made this bunny out of wool. I had no idea that felting was so fun, and Lil C loves it too!


Guest Post: Bird of Felt

My sister, Gretchen, and I were experimenting with felting. She created this adorable bird.


Headshot Collage: Lion

I just finished this one by the hair of my chinny chin chin.

20120925-075833.jpgCollage made from old headshots and film negatives.

Chinese “Fake” Chicken Salad

Even though we have a mostly vegetarian diet, we can still get the full effect of these great dishes by using Quorn products.


I won, I won, I won!

I was hoping to post a completed headshot collage today, but I’m only half finished. Instead, I’m going to thank In Her Chucks for having a contest and for supplying the prize, a toxin-free & hypoallergenic deodorant by Deodomom. Now I can finish my headshot collage and feel fresh and clean too.

Headshot Collage: The Prep

I’m trying another headshot collage, and here is the first stage.


Guest Blog: Lil C’s Creativity

I think this one by Lil C is so cool, and I’m not just saying that because I’m her mom.


Guest Blog: Lil C’s Artistry

My favorite part about this painting by my daughter was her explanation. Lil C said this was a caterpillar hiding behind a shell.


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