Door Buffer Thingy

My new hobby is repurposing anything and everything. If we are looking to make a new purchase, I scour our closets to make sure I can’t somehow fashion a new one out of something else. It’s my way of justifying the stuff I’ve collected over the years, doing my part for the environment, and not throwing out as much garbage.  Oh yes, and it’s my attempt to not collect more things.

Today, I made our door buffer even better by sewing an old stuffed animal to the other side. (Keep in mind, we have a three-year-old, so a stuffed animal on the floor is appropriate at this stage.) My mom made this wonderful door buffer to keep the warm in and the cold out, but we needed to attach it to the door somehow. This way the buffer stays with the door when it opens and our guests easily walk through the threshold rather than trip into our entryway as we hug our hellos. So, I sewed several flat strips of stretchy material to the stuffed snake and  to the door buffer that my mom made. It works great!




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Welcome to Outdoorsies. We are sisters who have always loved the outdoors. Our blog will highlight outdoors sports, events, findings, photographs, kids activities, clothing and gear and all things relating to the beautiful world outside the window. Let your kid out!

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