Guest Post: Aspen Snowy Freezy

My sister, Gretchen Kielas, is our guest post today! Thank you sharing your amazing creativity, Sis!


Made with Paper


A Lesson in Oils

I recently had the rare opportunity to take a lesson from someone I consider to be a master in his craft: Wayne McKenzie.
This painting is from my first lesson in working with oils as a medium, and I was so inspired that I went out and bought the materials to continue my practice. We started the lesson by both working from the same photo of Lil C on separate canvases. I learned as much from watching Wayne’s technique as I did from painting my own version of the photo. Then at one point, we even switched canvases for a bit. So, the painting that follows of Lil C is an amalgamation of several swipes of paint from my own brush with many masterful strokes and suggestions from Wayne.
Here are the tips I learned:
1. When beginning, use fewer colors. Wayne suggested starting with three colors, plus white, so I don’t get caught up in too many options.
2. Start small, meaning a small canvas. I have two huge canvases that I bought on sale about two years ago. They still sit there in the garage, waiting for me to get up the courage.
3. My painting doesn’t have to be exactly like the original photo, In fact, it’s better if it isn’t. In other words, be more creative with my creativity.
Thanks for the lesson and inspiration, Wayne!

Barn Sketch

Here’s a pencil sketch of the old barn I saw yesterday while on a skate ski.
Pencil and paper
Barn falling down
Shell of yesterday
Barely a sound


Old Barns

Old barn
In the snow
By a stream


A Cozy Cup

The iPad Paper app is the perfect way to stay creative while on the road. A cup of coffee is good inspiration.


Williamsburg Bridge

I used the iPad Paper 53 app to paint this picture. The original photo was taken by my husband, Mr. B.


Skate Ski with Daddy Longlegs

(a short scene)

EXT. Cross-Country Ski Center – Day

MR. B, a tall, athletic man skate skis up a steep hill. Mr. B summits the hill and stops, checks his phone and takes a drink of water from his water bottle. Mr. B looks down the hill to see an OLD MAN, 70s, athletic striding up the hill. The old man and Mr. B nod at each other.

MRS. B, a red-faced, panting woman struggles up the hill on her skis. Mrs. B’s jacket is wrapped around her waist and the sleeve gets caught in her pole and she nearly topples but recovers. Mr. B nods in approval. Mrs. B does a final push up the hill and slowly glides to meet Mr. B. The water bottle is extended to Mrs. B and she noisily downs the water in one gulp.

Mr. B
Did that old guy pass you?

Mrs. B
Yes. Yes, he did. Thank you very much.

Mrs. B hands Mr. B the empty water bottle. They both laugh and Mrs. B glides ahead.


Mr. B in Winter

This is a watercolor of my husband, Mr. B, enjoying winter. The original painting is in color, but I edited the photo to make it B&W.


Guest Post: My iPhone

These are photos my iPhone took as it fell out of my pocket. The iPhone is always changing and evolving.




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