Circle (Page 2)

photo-5The first person Round Root asked was his mother. She was carrying a large basket of full of seeds, and she was on her way to the garden. Round Root asked her if she knew about the power of his bracelet.

“My dear son, I have the power from right here, “ she said as she rubbed her round, full belly. “The power of life is growing in my belly, and it is the same power from which you were born. If you trace the outside of my stomach, it makes the shape of a circle, just like your bracelet.”

Round Root smiled at his mother and shrugged. She patted him on top of his head and told him to go ask your uncle.

Page 2

Written by Sarah Poynter

Illustrated by Gayle Thompson


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Welcome to Outdoorsies. We are sisters who have always loved the outdoors. Our blog will highlight outdoors sports, events, findings, photographs, kids activities, clothing and gear and all things relating to the beautiful world outside the window. Let your kid out!

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