Circle (Page 4)


Round Root headed into the forest and saw a bird in her nest. Round Root noticed the way she built her nest in a circle like the tepees at his home and how all of her eggs in the nest were round too. Round Root walked farther until he came upon a stream. He sat on a rock in the middle of the stream and watched the water swirling and circling all around him. Just then, the wind whirled around his face and lifted his hair. Round Root suddenly understood that the water and the wind was the most powerful when it moved in a circle.

Page 4

Written by Sarah Poynter

Illustrated by Gayle Thompson


About Outdoorsies

Welcome to Outdoorsies. We are sisters who have always loved the outdoors. Our blog will highlight outdoors sports, events, findings, photographs, kids activities, clothing and gear and all things relating to the beautiful world outside the window. Let your kid out!

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