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Round Root walked through the forest and stopped at a tree. He was becoming frustrated as he circled the tree and sat down. He still didn’t know why he was given a bracelet. The tree saw the frown on the Round Root’s face and reached down and hugged him with its branches. The tree pointed up to the sun and down to the earth. The tree patted Round Root on the head, and he continued walking through the forest until he saw a town. The town had huge square buildings that looked like boxes and houses in straight rows and roads that crisscrossed in all directions. Round Root didn’t see many circles, but he sat down and twirled the bracelet around his fingers and observed the town. He listened to town hum and then he heard a faint drumming sound, like a heartbeat. Suddenly, a bird flew down and snatched the bracelet out of Round Root’s hand. Round Root walked home with his head hung low.

Round Root walked back into camp just as the sun was setting. He found his grandpa and told him about his day.

“What did you learn from today, Round Root?”

“I learned that the power of the circle is in all of us, the animal, the trees, the earth, even the people from town had the power in their heartbeats. I’m just sorry I lost the bracelet Grandpa. I really like it, but I guess I don’t need it anymore” Round Root said with a frown.

Grandpa reached into his pocket and pulled out the bracelet and handed it to Round Root. “My dear boy, someday you will need the bracelet when you have a grandchild to teach the lesson again, “ Grandpa smiled.

Round Root understood.


Written by Sarah Poynter

Illustrated by Gayle Thompson


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