Foodie Friday: My Fish Tacos

So, on May 24th, I posted about some amazing fish tacos. Well, today I made my own. They were almost as good, but next time I will definitely use cabbage instead of lettuce. The recipe for mango salsa was amazing! I highly recommend it.



Foodie Friday: Fish Tacos

These are the best fish tacos I have ever met. Someone told us about the Coconut Fish Cafe in Kihei, Maui… I’m going to try to recreate these now that I’m home. I’ll keep you posted;)


Turtle of the Sea

Mr. B saw a turtle today, while he was swimming in the ocean. I drew this one with Paper.


A Table with a View

Inspiring creativity from our table at Mama’s Fish House in Maui.


Foodie Friday: Guest Blog: Seth Kielas

My brother-in-law makes some amazing tacos. Here is his breakfast taco for Foodie Friday and the recipe to follow: tillamook pepper jack cheese, eggs , cilantro, sour cream and handmade corn tortillas. Thanks Seth!


Heart-shaped Cookie

I didn’t plan this to come out in the shape of a heart, so that’s what made me love it all the more. It tasted yummy too!


Foodie Friday: Fried Rice and Thai Red Curry

I think after a year of Foodie Friday’s and experimenting with new recipes, I’ve finally earned my kitchen.  Even though, most of the time, I’m usually just following a recipe, I have finally added a plethora of new dishes to my repertoire, and this is coming from a woman who had about three or four dishes I would just rotate throughout the week. I love fried rice, but this recipe is much less greasy and just as tasty as  what I usually find in restaurants. I keep adding new ingredients (for example, tofu instead of chicken) to this red curry, but the original recipe is really yummy.


Foodie Friday: Guest Post: Kelley McKenzie

What a delectable way to start the day: Breakfast Pizza! Our friend, Kelley Mckenzie, made this one with pesto, egg and cheese. Amazing! Check out the original recipe for more ideas.


Juicy Juice

Carrots and apples and spinach… Oh my! We just got a juicer, so we are doing a lot of experimenting. Today’s juice consisted of carrots, apples, oranges, spinach, kale and blueberries.


Foodie Friday: Fajita Seasoning

This one is all about the sauce. I used a vegetarian bouillon cube, but the recipe called for chicken. I would add a few red peppers if you like it more spicy.


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