Guest Post: Relax and Chill

My sister, Gretchen Kielas, provides us with a guest post today. Thank you, Sis, for always inspiring!



Made with Paper.

Ghost Monkey

This is the first draft of a picture I’m drawing of a photo I found in The National Geographic (February 2011 issue). The original photo is by Cyril Ruoso.

ghost monkey

Made With Paper.

Foodie Friday: Fish Tacos

These are the best fish tacos I have ever met. Someone told us about the Coconut Fish Cafe in Kihei, Maui… I’m going to try to recreate these now that I’m home. I’ll keep you posted;)


Guest Post: Mr. B Photography

Another beautiful photo of Maui from my Mr. B.


Aloha Maui

Until we meet again…


Guest Post: Mr. B

Mr. B took this photo of me and Lil C in Maui. He edited the photo with S Paper.


Turtle of the Sea

Mr. B saw a turtle today, while he was swimming in the ocean. I drew this one with Paper.


A Table with a View

Inspiring creativity from our table at Mama’s Fish House in Maui.


Magical Maui


Guest Post: Mr. B

My husband, Mr. B, took this awesome photo of our Lil C.


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