Guest Post: Relax and Chill

My sister, Gretchen Kielas, provides us with a guest post today. Thank you, Sis, for always inspiring!



Made with Paper.

Monkey Sitting in a Tree

The original photo of this is so cute. It’s in National Geographic, February 2011 by Cyril Ruoso. Here’s my version.

final Monkey

Made With Paper.

Monkey Two

Here’s the second draft of yesterday’s drawing.

mokey 2

Made With Paper.

Original photograph by Cyril Ruoso in National Geographic.

Ghost Monkey

This is the first draft of a picture I’m drawing of a photo I found in The National Geographic (February 2011 issue). The original photo is by Cyril Ruoso.

ghost monkey

Made With Paper.

Turtle of the Sea

Mr. B saw a turtle today, while he was swimming in the ocean. I drew this one with Paper.



An old dog still dreams of new tricks.

I drew this picture of our dog, Putty, who turns 15 in July. Made with Paper.

Creative Cat Collaboration

Lil C and I both worked on this picture of her favorite animal, the kitten.


Guest Post: Gretchen Kielas: Savor the Moment

Here’s a guest post from my amazingly talented sister, Gretchen Kielas. Thanks Sis!



Happy Valentine’s Day!


Ghost Train

This reminds me of something from a dream.


Made With Paper

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