Guest Post: Relax and Chill

My sister, Gretchen Kielas, provides us with a guest post today. Thank you, Sis, for always inspiring!



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Guest Post: Gretchen Kielas: Savor the Moment

Here’s a guest post from my amazingly talented sister, Gretchen Kielas. Thanks Sis!


Guest Post: Aspen Snowy Freezy

My sister, Gretchen Kielas, is our guest post today! Thank you sharing your amazing creativity, Sis!


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Mt. Judah: Guest Post

Sister pride! My sis, Gretchen, is such an inspiration.


Squirrelly Poe: The End

Then Poe looked up

and saw a curious crowd,

and never ever has a

squirrel felt so proud!

Squirrelly Poe: Page 6


Poe loved the music,

the sounds from the stump,

the thump, the bump

and the wibbity wump.

Squirrelly Poe: Page 5

Poe banged and bopped

and beat on his drums.

He played so hard

he blistered his thumbs!

Squirrelly Poe: Page 4

This is a continuation of the children’s book, Squirrelly Poe, that my sister and I wrote and illustrated.

Poe gathered two sticks

that fell from a tree.

He grabbed some acorns,

one, two and three.

Squirrelly Poe: Page 3

Poe jumped to his feet

with glee in his heart,

for he knew exactly

where he would start!

Squirrelly Poe: Page 2

As Poe leaned back

and stared at the sky,

he dreamed he was

a drummer guy.

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