Aloha Maui

Until we meet again…


Magical Maui


Guest Post: Mr. B

My husband, Mr. B, took this awesome photo of our Lil C.



What’s better than a vacation with my family? A vacation with my family in Maui!


Guest Post: Mr. B

I’m teaching drama again to kindergarten through 7th grade for the next four weeks. ¬†Needless to say, most of my creative energy is being shared with my students right now, so you may have noticed more guest posts that usual. ¬†Also, if you ever need any great drama teaching ideas, is a great resource. Thank you to my husband, Mr. B, who provided us with today’s daily creative.


Spring Break: The Beach

This week will feature a photo a day from our trip to the Santa Cruz area.

Santa Cruz

Lil C in the Rain

Today’s chalk drawing was inspired by our recent trip to Portland. Lil C loved holding the umbrella and splashing in puddles.


Oct. Challenge: Have a Treat!

Pretty food makes me happy.

This is day 20 of the #LiveLeanEatGreen challenge.

Gratitude: A Trip to Santa Cruz

Morning, refreshed, revived


Trip-planning, happening friends

Sharing, laughing, squealing


The deep, blue wondering world

Pondering, pointing, people


Our beautiful world!

Thank you, sweet peeps

For sharing the awe.

Lil C with Lil A and Lil E. Photos from our trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Sunset: Guest Blog

Another guest blog by my talented and inspiring sister, Gretchen.

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